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Since 2006
LAN PARTY 2015 & RECAP 6/18/2015 11:42:40 PM
Hello after four years,

in case anyone would wander to CSLA homepage after all the years be sure we are still alive and gaming!

Not so much as before but still.

UT is slowly fading out, there are no more CTF public games, mostly pugs with the last fan players remaining. The same situation as used to be with the AS community few years back . Also, nobody plays assault anymore, Dog AS server is empty 24/7 which sucks because it was fun .

I still play UT now and then, mainly public DM/TDM servers - classic DM maps since the CTF is dead and I don't have time for pugs.

The best TDM server is Romanian TDM:

RomainiansNet's TDM New Server -

The best DMs are "Popular Maps" servers, those are 2 or 3.

And there are few Deck16 only servers as well, mostly populated.

I was surprised that there are still new Public DM/TDM/GRAPPLE/COMBO-INSTA servers popping up. The guy who created NewNet for ut2004 has migrated it for ut99 as well (another source) and it is now implemented on many servers.

NewNet means better, more efficient and improved net code for ut99 online gaming.

Also, the tickrate 45 - 60 has been a reality on plenty of servers and is generally accepted by the remaining community, the setting I have been advocating for loooong years people have started to realize it is not PII MMX times anymore .

There is also an upcoming LAN PARTY 2015 going on. The 2014 year was dropped for working reasons of most gamers but this year we are ready!
comments(1) posted by jackal

LAN Done 8/24/2011 11:54:48 PM
Mission complete once again !

The LAN was great and fun, thanks to all gamers for coming ! ATM I still have terrible hangover (@23.30 :L) so I'll skip the report and you can take a look at the photos to make a picture how it was. Also there are some memorable quotes. Have fun viewing pics.

jackal @ xxan: to je ešte vacšia lamerina ako iné lameriny! (TF2 Spy)

xxan pri cod2: ja som sa narodil s karom v ruke! (Kar98)

mišo: ja ta teraz iba testujem, ja som GlaDOS

samo: mišo jak sa povie po svk graveyard?
mišo: hrbotov
tomlord: cintorín

mišo: cakaj, som v spite
samo: nemal si si tolko spytovat svedomie

And cu next year !

comments(115) posted by Jackal

A quick update 6/16/2011 6:12:47 PM
Just a quick update on events.

CSLA as a UT clan has been frozen for unknown period - maybe forever. Some guys went off UT completely some have swapped clans and overall, there has been noticeable decline in the community over the past year.

This season admins were able to put up only two divisions instead of three with 4 clan drops during the season.

As for me, I joined #zoo together with Red_Wolf aka. Kjell_MB and we play there, currently expecting our last match for bronze spot. Zoo are cool guys.

I will still keep posting news here now and then, mostly gaming related and of my interest.

Next news is the upcoming LAN PARTY. It is happening again, as of today official preparations have begun and I do hope in two and 1/2 months we'll be gaming on already eight year of this event.

You can check the web site by clicking on the picture.

comments(1) posted by Jackal

Let's get to work ! 8/30/2010 2:05:42 PM
We've got some nice messages to announce.

Lan Party 2010

Firstly and most imporantly, the 7th year of a Lan Party has been succesfully accomplished ! Since there was no live-blogging this year, I've made a mini "report" on how the Lan Party 2010 went. Pics are enclosed with the report.

You can read more details about it inside the following link in the lan-parties section. This was the best Lan once again, see you next year.

The Clan Server Online + UT Stats

Secondly I would like to say that after a long struggle, our brand new clan server is finally fully configured and running. You can find all details + addresses (which are very simple to remember now btw) in the servers section.

The biggest challenge was to ensure good pings after the few former unsuccessful attempts. Also by now, having done people testing, I can say the server is pretty much ok!

You may also notice the server stats menu item working, which does mean exactly what it says - the stats for UT server are ready. More details.

The Poll Options Explanation

If you prefer a certain gametype, please vote at the poll because the 4th gametype for the server (and the Mapvote) still needs to be decided. If you'd like to see a mod which is not included in the voting, you can write it in comments.

comments(98) posted by Jackal

zOMGG the crosshair scale / size fix is HERE!!! 5/29/2010 5:02:30 PM
I Anthrax (gay). After 10 years of UT the fix for upscaled and blurred crosshair in higher resolutions is finally here! When i asked Anthrax few months back, he just said it will be released but didn't mention it's going to be in the newest ACE. From now on, every ACE server has a:

» "mutate ace crosshairscale 1.0"

console feature, which will scale your crosshair back to the normal value! A little demonstration can be seen in these two pictures.

In the second picture you can clearly notice the difference between trying to aim for the head with normal sized crosshair vs 2x scaled one on a long distance.

This setting works for every crosshair ofc, DOT is very nice as well, instead of big blurry blot, you can finally have a default decent 1px dot.

Sniper heaven.
comments(0) posted by Jackal

OpenCup Progress 5/29/2010 4:52:15 PM
Greets again,

the OpenCup has almost progressed to the playoffs stage, one matchweek is still to be played. We have played 5 matches yet, some of them against top Div 1 clans.

Our first opponent was dS clan and to our surprise we did very well. It was a close game and we didin't give the win to dS for free which seemed as a good OpenCup start.
Next match vs. 4F was a little bit frustrating for all of us, having lost Infested and then drawing Cynosure. Game was a bit unsynced and suffered from a not so good fall-backing - it just wasn't our day. Following two matches vs. scr and de were a regular Div 1 ownage, featuring some bright moments.

The greatest match however, was against g1x, where we won after a tense 3 mapper game and gained our first win points.

comments(1) posted by Jackal

Showtime feature launched 4/9/2010 3:44:07 PM

Hello! Showtime is now live. A little description - it has two main goals.

First, to show other people how awesomely you rocked on FFA / PUG / official match by uploading a screenshot from the game. It may have happened to you, you played very good, had some nice stats and eventually wanted to share the screen with your guys. And this is where the Showtime! kicks in.

Second purpose would be uploading oldschool screens from various matches played in the past. If not anyone else, at least I do have tons of great screens, but there was no way to share them.

In this way, I can finally share some gold screens now and then . There also have been major rebuilds to the site, everything should work correctly, but if not please drop a note.
comments(0) posted by jackal

Teamspeak + site review 3/22/2010 2:57:20 AM
After a long struggle I've been finally able to set and configure the new TS3 server, together with the live query script. You can notice it on the left side of the web. The new TS is very complex, which is good, but it takes a long time to read through the whole documentation and understand it.

If you click on the channel name, you'll be connected to server with your last used nickname and rights(!). With TS2 you joined only as Guest - no rights which sucked.
The Teamspeak3 IP:

There also has been a review of S3TC Guide section, with screenshots being finally back (made from scratch) and the article being cleaned up and simplified. If you thrive on maximum visual performance I encourage you to visit the guide page.

This idea was realized with the great help of Jancik. It is a tiny, simple and quick server checker for everyone who is tired of refreshing UT favorites for 5 minutes before joining the game.

You can check 1 or more servers at once and just wait until it connects you to the game. You can also run the tool while being connected to other server - it will join you to the desired game when there's a spot, right from UT.
IMO the must-have app. for every public ctf server fan.

All important info about configuration is enclosed in the UT-Qry.v1.nfo file.

You can download the program here:
-> (78 kB)
comments(107) posted by Jackal

*knock* *knock* Who's there? 3/9/2010 11:59:08 PM
Today is the day when csla wakes up from the deep winter sleep. As the first signs of sun rays touch the yet frozen ground, we are pleased to announce the full "online" mode of the clan being set back on!

We have already signed up for the next Clanbase competition CTF OpenCup Spring 2010. There have been some changes (as always lol) to the lineup, together with some updates. Speaking of lineup, I would like to give a warm welcome to our fresh new members burnah, lordness and jaspik. We have already managed to fullfill a lineup for this season's clash with some well known faces followed by our newcomers.

This season lineup is as following (in order of members section):
0ldsk00l, burnah, Tomlord, jaspik, lordness, rAvje, sp()ken, Jackal.

Some other minor updates, the "gamer's blog" section has been completely removed, since it did not serve it's purpose well and it was kind of a blind shot .

Also, I suggest that we start using TS-3 for official matches (or all matches), which has almost zero latency and therefore the communication would be exact and fast. This can be very handy when syncing with FC.

Remember you can always reach us on our irc channel #csla.ut @ quakenet.

Good luck and have fun.
comments(2) posted by Jackal

Merry christmas! 12/23/2009 11:11:16 PM
Czecho Slovak Liberation Army would like to wish a Merry Christmas, happy and successful new year to all UT players around!

gl hf in 2010!

comments(1) posted by Jackal


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