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Server is offline untill the next OpenCup starts.

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a little pleasure ...

Since 2006
Currently Running CSLA servers

Welcome to csla* Clan Server Information section.

We are running a single UT-Server and one Teamspeak 3 server. There are few gametypes you can play: CTF, BunnyTrack++ and DM / TDM. There will also be the 4th mod which needs to be decided yet.

The UT Server installation is a 1:1 mirror of a Fast-GameServer /don't ask how we got it:)/ UT and it is up to date with the latest ACE anti-cheat (0.8q) as well as the popular MapVoteLA13.

The UT-Stats have also been installed, heavily modified and are now available to track the server. The default UT-Stats layout and esp. the menu has always felt kind of messy to me so I've made some improvements for faster navigation.

UT-Server IP:
Teamspeak 3 IP:
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