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a little pleasure ...

Since 2006
Back in business 7/20/2009 11:21:53 PM
La la la.

We are back, we want to say hi! and prepare all of you for a heavy csla* comeback . What have we done so far, let's see:

We have signed up for CB OC Summer 2009, which is set as a "hosted cup", run by Dralex and Rz because Ginga_Ninja has come out of nowhere and decided he needed to ruin yet another Open Cup. So he has started the cup with relics, violate ammo, friendly fire and some other fun stuff which people of normal-ctf mod don't like to see much .

Today, we had our first match, the opponent was none else than offensive-Gaming. We actually did pretty good, considering vacations, long time no praccy plus a little fun attitude since oG are godlike fags :P...

We after all, lost both maps (Arean and Glacier), we did choose Glacier with the "at-least-the-shit-map-is-out" method and didin't really care about the result. Tommy tried some telefragging and the offense was trying to do at least a little damage .

Arean was a nice match though.
comments(1) posted by Jackal

One season *break* 3/2/2009 5:36:32 PM
Howdy all, I've just got a quick little announcement to make. As you may have noticed, nothing new had come up for quite a long time.

After we got crushed by DNF (again *sigh*) last OC we went to the kind of a hibernation mode caused by some players being very short on time, including me (=no clan management) due to school / work and other business.

Having talked with Tommy, we have agreed on 1 season clan break so we can kick some more ass in the next one. Some poeple will continue to play in too.random clan or some other of their choice like 0ldskool and spliXx.

P.S. QuakeLive - Quake 3 Arena, in your web browesr, for free :)

P.P.S. The TS server has been moved to a better / quicker conn, its new address is:

comments(102) posted by Jackal

WE ARE ON OUR WAY.. 11/23/2008 10:12:25 PM
I would like to announce a very cl news!

After lots of praccys and several won matches, we have broken through the Clan Base groups stage and now attacking the medal spots!

I give thanks to all the members who have been participating in this cup and never lost their faith in CSLA.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for upcoming playoffs matches, the first one will be played next week vs our fancy opponents DnF!

comments(95) posted by Jackal

LAN PARTY MOVIE DONE 10/14/2008 12:19:59 AM
Hou hou ~~~~

Jancik has finally been able to finish our l33t Lan Party movie. You can see how the Lan Party was going and there are also loads of funny (crazy/nasty/horrible) moments. I love the "PUB praccy searching" part at most :>

Watch at your OWN risk!

Enough talking >>> begin download! [428.1MB]

comments(5) posted by Jackal

MASSIVE NEWS 10/8/2008 12:45:05 PM
Some new / old info, about reborned CSLA, a bit of update about lineup and unknown informations about too.random clan.


As you can see, CSLA was very active recent days, so we've played plenty of praccies, which propably helped us to win our first CB war against Sith clan.

ø It all started with very nice game against one of our most favourite clan - Tactical Suicide.
We've managed to give them really clear victory on Ranel, followed by very nice and tough game on Terra. Report.

ø Almost similar situation was praccy against Shadowz. Same as against TacSu, we managed to rape on Ranel, but second map (this time Ascanize) was harder for us, but we were still able to finish with one cap lead. Report.

ø Then we aimed to another opponent - PmP clan. Although we thought that Vault will be easy against them, we were able to win only by one cap. On the other hand, Gataka was clearly our map, eventho we somehow let them cap one flag (as far as i remember, it was some kind of -where-the-fuck-is-EFC-guys- situation). Report.

ø Another victory for CSLA was game against relax clan. We caped 6 flags on both maps, which ment pretty clear victory on Terra and close fights on Ranel. Report.

ø Last praccy played so far, was very even (maybe most even game in CSLA history). We aimed for somebody strong - eC. Our good old friends gave us really hard fight. As you can see, we even tried to decide by 3rd map, but still all three maps were draws. Report.

CB match

Our fist CB clash was against another oldschool team - Sith. We had to make some mixes in lineup, but we were still able to win at least one map. Terra went bad (as usual for CSLA), but on Ranel we striked back, leaving Sith no chance to win that map. Very nice match, thx Sith.
Report from Clanbase.

Other stuff

ø As you can see in screenshots, lineup changed a bit from last news post. DejaVu and Splixx will join us again in our fight, followed by semi-active Lupos.

ø Next opponents for CSLA will be Shadowz. We will meet them in 3rd week, becouse CSLA has got break during 2nd week.

ø For those, who were watching too.random clan trying to prove, that mix team could be good too, in the last SC, ive got brief info for you: after few more fights, we managed to take the bronze medal in clash against dS guys.
By end of SC, too.random CTF team just splited back to usual clans, but we created TDM group: rAvje, b0ng, tOmy, Spoken, Cirek, Lordness. Yesterday, we won our first match, against 4P guys.

Thats all for now folks.
You can find us at #csla.ut and #too.random
comments(5) posted by Tomlord

DIVS + OTHER STUFF 9/18/2008 4:41:17 PM
Hello again.

After the long and hard groups/divs making stage, CB crew has been finally able to finish and introduce the new, edited divisions and the complete map list for all 7 matchweeks. They've chosen the 2x7 layout after all, which, in my opinion, was the best option, so everyone can have even and nice games. There were some rumours about placing us into Div1, I was even discussing this subject with Szatan, however he said he rather wouldn't place us into Div1. It was a right decision, since now we have very nice Groups, with us being placed in Second Division, Group A.

We've got some serious opponents there, counting fd', g1x, sith and nothing. I'm looking forward to these matches, hence we need a lot of praccys to get back in the shape. This brings me to reveal our (current) final lineup. We've been through some updates/recruits and after a little chaos on our IRC channel, which had caused 0ldsk00l to leave/luckily get back, we've come up with stable six fighters lineup + two backup players. I can not forget to mention rAvje as our new kick-ass defense support as well as our long time mate Massacre, who finally got some decent conn. and is ready to cap some flags.

There is also one new map for this season - CTF-LostTime-CB which looks very neat as far as I've seen and shows a big potentional for nice and tight matches. Another "new" map is CTF-Azcanize-LE101, which has been on the FFA servers for a while. I like it, it's nice balanced map, but attacking may be a bit more difficult since the base (flag) is kind of locked up in the base. FC will need a lot of coordinated cover on this one.

That would be all I guess, I'm looking forward to our matches and praccys, hope we'll have a lot of fun.
Take care folks.
comments(6) posted by Jackal

I guess you've already noticed the strange redirection to CSLA... WTF?

Yep, it is true. Good old CSLA is back ready to kick some ass! The lineup will be reorganized a bit, consisting mainly of Czech and Slovak players, however we are opened to any new fighters. IRC channel is changed back to #csla.ut as well as server names.

For members, please change your name on CB page so it does not show the GLA tag.

I've signed up us for the next CB OC competition, wohoo.

Next very nice annoucement is the Lan Party event. We had a great number of players, even from Netherlands (rAvje). Report can be found here, it is not fully complete yet though. There is going to be a video as well with some really hot shots, plus more pics. Stay tuned for updates!

*UPDATE* 4. 9. 2008 10:07:55

New pictures from Lan Party have arrived as well as the Lan Party 2008 5th Anniversary Movie INTRO. Hurry up and check it out inside the lan-parties section

Releated Links:
UT CTF OpenCup Fall 2008
Lan Party 2008 Report *UPDATED*
comments(10) posted by Jackal

SOME NEW STUFF 8/20/2008 12:40:29 AM
Hello, once again it's tOmy, bringing you news from past few weeks.

PmP and too random in playoffs

If you have checked CB in few last days, you could see, that both clans, where are GLA players participating made it into playoffs (Oldskool for PmP, Tomy and Spoken for too random), both playing in Div2, group B.

Here is our group after last matches:

Too random had easier way through groups, becouse of forfeit win against kW fake-cheating-hardskinners. On the other hand, PmP wasnt on their way to playoffs, after they lost with Too random (screenies and report from cb here) but RATS2 decided to drop the cup, cuz of lack of players for playoffs, so PmP made their way through.

Sadly, the first match of playoffs for PmP didnt finished well, as you can see here, kurve stoped them from reaching semifinals.
Too random won their match against minifunk clan in nailbiting match and they are in semifinals, ready to face wch clan. Screenies and report soon.

Furthemore, countdown for lanparty has begun, from now, its only 5 days till our arrival to the Slovakia - Jablonka. Just reminder of the lan party page: lan party 2008. This year we will introduce two new persons, one Jackal's friend from school, and our dear fighter from Too random - rAvje. Hope they will have a good time with us.
As usualy, we will bring back some photos and blog reports, but furthermore, we are prepared to present you official GLA Lan Party video we will make there. On the Lan Party, there will be some seriouse chats about Open Cup and our clan, so you can check results when we will be back. I just can tell you, that some changes are comming.

See you after lan party, have a nice end of holidays!
comments(1) posted by Tomlord

SUN IS HOT, FILIP NOT 7/9/2008 2:56:52 AM
What's new?

too random is fighting

So far, our clan too random took first loss, that turned into a very nice and flamy victory ^^
Report is here.
Outcome is here.
Comeon guys, flame for the right thing ;)

PmP is fighting too

Clan, in which is Oldie participating this summer so far took one loss.
You can check screenies and comments here.

For a little bit of laugh and a little bit of interest, iam presenting you, the one and only, sugar eating, diablo dying, bike driving, HELENAC!!!!

for all girls interested, here is the full picture, so you can see his evil look in his deep deadly eyes of road killer: URL

Thats all for now (at least from me).
Ill find some time to write blog soon, so check it out, we have some nice and funny stories / songs / pictures that we (or at least me) wanna share with you.

Enjoy summer

comments(116) posted by Tomlord

GLA HIBERNATING 6/25/2008 5:51:17 PM
The summer is here...

Some of us quit UT for summer holidays, trying to find out the meaning of real life again, while sunbathing on balcony, drinking long drinks and thinking of many ways how to kill the rest of the day.
Some of us are biting nails, while checking CB pages for groups for upcoming summer cup, trying to forget about real life and long drinks, furthermore about sunbathing (what is the sun anyway? :F).

But still, clan might appear deadish, but players are still active, as well as whole gla community:

Lan party is slowly comming, first prepartions (music, movies, single players games) are made. For more info, check older news post.
Jackal is banned so far, but he is still alive (at least on icq) and we still play some TDM etc together.
cORn is not participating in any UT clan for summercup, but i belive his ffa activity is more then just sure. Same goes for Helenac, but its more like TDM guy then FFA guy.
Oldskool is playing summercup for PmP.
Me and spoken are in clan too random (you can find us at #too.random). Clan that i started (with help of rAvje) and that will be playing summercup only. At the moment we have our core lineup done (today i even add Logan as a backup player). Thx goes to spoken, that added cirek to our team, who is great support.

GL & HF to all clans and teams participating in summer cup, as well as every gla player playing for somebody else this summer.

comments(2) posted by Tomlord


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