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S3TC Textures for UT99 Complete Guide

S3TC - Welcome
Basic info & Requirements
How to - S3TC installation
Final notes

Authors - Who's behind this?
This could have never been done without the guy I've found on unrealadmin forums - Hermskii. He has done the major part of the work by completing all stuff needed for this Guide as well as the article used here is modified version of his readme.

You may find his web site here:

Also visit Hermskii Forums:

UnrealAdmin Forums where it all started:
UT Server - General Chat

S3TC - Welcome
After the 10 years of Unreal Tournament, you are now finally able to use and run S3TC High Resolution textures even in online games ! Just keep reading this Guide very carefully and follow exactly what it says and at the end of it, you should be able to watch what you have never seen before. But first we should explain what S3TC textures actually are.

S3TC textures are alternative high resolution textures that can be found on CD2 of the GOTY Edition of UT. They were originally developped to exploit the capability of S3 cards of the time to handle a new compressed format that has little impact on performance.

Why should you use them ? UT can be tweaked to obtain some increase in graphical quality. The s3tc textures offer more detail and replace some of the textures to create an enhanced picture.

Known issues when using old methods of installing: Typical "sliding" of characters along the map, movement animations were disabled as well as flag animations + many bugs in game.

Basic info & What do you need
** UPDATE **
Player XtreM found out, that S3TC also works with D3D8 Renderer, which can be found here.

1) Unreal Tournament patched up to version 436 (tested) or 451b (tested)
2) The OpenGL(!) Renderer version 2.8 (tested), 3.1 (not tested) or 3.2 (tested)
3) S3TC High Resolution Textures (stored on your UT CD#2 or here)
4) S3TC Textures FIX (can be found here)
5) These instructions are only for "player" installations and ABSOLUTELY NOT for server-side use!
6) You must follow these directions exactly or they won't work!
Note, that not all UT textures are made up to S3TC!

S3TC Textures Installation
There are 2 possible ways. please pay attention to which you belong!

First Case: You have installed UT but you have not installed the textures from UT CD #2 yet. You have UT CD #2 (or S3TC package downloaded) and you want to use it!

Second Case: You installed UT and you have also already installed the textures from UT CD #2 and are now needing to fix the sliding bot issue you see when you play on line.

If you fit the first case follow these instructions:

1) Make a back-up copy of your entire current UnrealTournament\Textures folder (i.e.: Textures_bak). Do not touch this back up copy again unless I tell you to use it to restore your installation back to your original configuration. Make sure that your UT installation is currently patched up to the 436 (or 451b) patch and if not, patch it up!

2) Go to your UnrealTournament\Textures folder and move out these 3 files: SkyBox.utx, City.utx, and ShaneSky.utx to a temporary folder that is not your Back-Up Textures folder (i.e.: Textures_temp).

3) Install the second CD textures choosing to overwrite all of the originals but note, that they take up about 500mb of space so be sure you have room on your drive before proceeding. Once that is done go into your UnrealTournament\Textures folder and move these 6 skin textures (Female1Skins.utx, Female2Skins.utx, Male1Skins.utx, Male2Skins.utx, Male3Skins.utx, and SkTrooperSkins.utx) to the temporary folder (i.e.: Textures_temp) with the other 3 files from above.

4) Install the S3TC patch by copying it (s3fix.exe) into your texture folder and launching it. Wait for it to finish and close. Now go get all of the files you copied into your temporary folder (i.e.: Textures_temp) and put them back into your texture folder choosing to overwrite the ones you just installed from the second CD. Now you may delete the temporary Texture folder.

5) Configuring UT to use OpenGL Renderer

1. Go to your UnrealTournament\System folder.
2. Rename the file called OpenGLDrv.dll to OpenGLDrvOriginal.dll
3. Unzip the file and copy the OpenGLDrv.dll file to your UnrealTournament\System folder.
4. Start the game and from the UT Desktop select "Options"
5. Select "Preferences"
6. On the Video tab, select the Video Driver "Change" button.
7. A “Change Video Driver” option window will open. Select “Yes”
8. The “Unreal Tournament Video Configuration” window will open. Click the radius for “Show all devices”
9. Select “OpenGL Support” so that it is highlighted in blue.
10. Select “Next”
11. Select “Next” again.
12. Select “Run"

6) Now you are using the OpenGL renderer but you still have to enable the S3TC functionality by doing the following. Hit the tilde key (console), and type PREFERENCES. On the menu that opens select Renderers and then OpenGL Support. Now find the section called USES3TC= False and change it to True. Close everything and restart the game.

7) Try out the new textures now by connecting to multiplayer game on line. If everyone is moving around properly then you are successful!

If you see what looks like frozen ice skating players moving around then this did not work for you. If it did not work then you need to go back to your original configuration by doing the following:

1. Copy the "Back-Up Textures" folder right back over your current Textures folder.
2. Change your video mode back to Direct 3D (or set S3TC=False in PREFERENCES if you still awnt to use OpenGL)

If you fit the second case follow these instructions:

If you have already installed the S3TC high resolution textures from the UT CD #2 and then went online to play you noticed that all of the other players and bots moved without any animation. They looked like frozen players sliding around like they were ice skating on one foot while looking down. When a player died a frozen image of them stayed where they died but was standing up.

1) Insert your UT CD #1 and select cancel if it tries to install.
2) Open UT CD #1 and copy the folder called "Textures" over your current copy of the Textures folder in your UnrealTournament folder.
3) Now follow all of the directions for first case.

Screenshots - Oh yeah!

UT99 using classic textures After using the S3TC Textures

Final Notes
Hopefully, this option/fix did not fail and you are now enjoying the S3TC high resolution textures with possibly a higher framerate and a more colorful video display.
Note, that i have not noticed any FPS falling using S3TC Textures! Feel free to use them also on weaker computer configurations.

Very important: even though everything works perfect for you, there still might be some servers where you'll encounter the "sliding" bug. This is due to bad server configuration. If the server doesn't use Textures from UTCD1, but uses Textures from CD2 instead you will probably see the S3TC bugs mentioned above. In this case, try to contact the server administrator.

If you have any questions regarding S3TC textures, feel free to ask and discuss them in the discussion. Link may be found at the top of this article.

Also note: The OpenGL driver that I am linking to has a "Copyright 2002-2006" and belongs to Chris Dohnal. The page that this OpenGL driver I used came from is:

I take no credit for his driver and if I knew who actually created the s3fix.exe file that this readme is attached to I would update this file to reflect that person's name so that they got their just due credit.

Enjoy the new high-res textures.

All rights reserved (c) 2006 - 2022 gfx and code by jackal